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Improve Productivity

Cellulose MILLtm is your specialist for cellulose mills with hammers or discs (known as crushers). Treated or untreated celluloses can be processed by our mills due to the special carbide teeth. Our mills are widely used in the disposable industry to produce the cellulose FLUFF for baby diapers, adult incontinence, feminine hygiene sanitary napkins, panty shields (liners), underpads, meat pads, Airlaid and cellulose based Raw Material. Our standard mills comes with Double cellulose feeding entrance of 10", 20" or 25", controlled by brushless motor for high accuracy and splicing.
Steinless steel and customized mills are available in our standard widths up to 33’’.


∙ DISC MILL diameter 310 mm;
∙ HAMMER / DISC MILL diameter 508 mm;
∙ HAMMER / DISC MILL diameter 800 mm;

Spare parts for mills wearing components:
rotors, bearings, breaking bars, motors.

hammer mills disc mills special execution